Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Pinecone and the Acorn


The pinecone and the acorn
went to town one day,
looking for the perfect place
for them to live and stay.

The pinecone said,
“It's fun to be away from there
and all the pines and doves,
together we'll make a solid pair.”

The acorn replied,
“I'm so excited to see the town
and all the interesting people,
those squirrels were getting me down.”

'Round and round
they roamed each city street
trying to find a suitable home
all cozy, warm and neat.

And when they were about to give up
a vision come into sight,
the perfect home for both of them
with lots of room and light.

“This is it,” exclaimed the pinecone,
as he lovingly touched a wall;
“I concur,” said the acorn,
“this is the best one of all.”

So, in they moved together
this highly unlikely pair,
and the pinecone and the acorn
learned what it's like to share.