Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Journey Out of Time


A yellow haze obscures the morning sun
and the meadows and fields appear bleak and desolate
in the curious half light;
it's as if day and night have intermingled
and two worlds have become one.
An invitation to enter the waking world and the world of dreams
as the past becomes another time, another identity;
candlelight hours illuminate an evening long dead
with the fringes of life again.
A journey out of time, past the flickers of future and melancholy;
the dark mantle of deception that transforms diabolical schemes
of forbidding gloom.
The night winds murmur through ancient trees
like memories;
hushed voices speaking in whispers
that transcend the living,
igniting the past to merge with the future
and the dead to merge with the living

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