Monday, February 15, 2010

My Schizophrenic Muse

I think my muse is schizophrenic. Don't laugh, I'm serious. Or maybe it's must bipolar like me. Okay, so maybe I really am crazy, after all, I did just give my muse a personality.

Although I have been writing gang-busters for the past few weeks, the writing is not taking any coherent form and I jump from one project to the next. I realize that jumping from one project to another is my typical writing style, but I really get the feeling my muse is trying to tell me something.

The one thing I really want to be working on is the least thing I've been paying attention to. Granted, I have written at least a dozen poems in the past month - and some of them I even think are good - but poems are not going to help me get my book finished. I've written an essay and 2 pieces for my Super 70s column. I've written several book reviews and several captions for the "Harrodsburg" book I'm working on with a local historian.

I have been really excited about the release of "The Women of Mercer County" because I have 3 essays in this book. I'm also super excited about the upcoming release of "Speaking Out Volume 2" because I will have one essay and at least 5 poems in this collection. I should also have an essay appear in the fall release of "New Southerner's" Anthology. And I am very proud of all these accomplishment ...

... but I think they are detours for my muse; easy ways to get my mind off what I need to be doing. So while I have completed another chapbook of poems and submitted it to a writing contest, the book I want to finish is lingering in the background. The book is being so quiet, like it doesn't want to draw my attention to it, praying that my muse will be enough to distract me.

Maybe I'm being melodramatic. Maybe I'm just imagining things. Maybe my id and my muse are plotting an evil takeover. Or maybe my muse is schizophrenic and I'm just crazy enough to realize it.


glnroz said...

could be just a case of "mental variety".. your posts are interestingly different, that is good.

Jeanie said...

First of all, that's extraordinary output. And the fact that it has been published by others speaks volumes to your credibility, reputation and skill as a writer.

And yes, I know what you mean about focusing. You are indeed a wise woman to recognize that. A book is waiting.

And I love the thought that your muse -- at least in this photo -- is a schizophrenic orange cat. I know all about schizophrenic orange cats and they most certainly have their mews-like qualities!