Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Kentucky Underbelly


A strong star has pierced the mist
and vague outlines appear on the Kentucky underbelly,
elusive now, but soon
they will reveal themselves for what they are,
remnants of a shameful secret,
the broken lives and innocence lost
to the frailty of childhood existence.
But the mist within the mind
and the mist that protects action from reality
are lifting,
and what there is to be seen
is witnessed by no strong star,
but by something as frail and frightening
as the human mind.
We are constantly searching our memories,
searching into the past to unveil moments of our life
clouded over by time and by our fears;
but the forgotten population,
the young ghostly haunts have fragmented our psyche
with the hurt crying and damaged tears
of our shameful secret.
The beautiful landscape of
the beloved Bluegrass is forever pierced
and stained by the senseless horror
and death of our young.

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