Friday, January 1, 2010

Yellow Finch Animal Totem

How strange a Yellow Finch would be the first bird I saw on New Year's Day 2010 - I don't normally see Finches during the dead of winter. Maybe it will be a good sign for the coming year.

As far as animal totems go, Air Totems are some of my favorite. According to legend, when a Yellow Finch is spotted it is a sign that enthusiastic times are head with days full of bright, high energy. I could definitely use some high energy days!

I have never followed a project from point A to point B because I seem to bounce from one thing to the next. This is the same way Finches fly, typically bobbing and weaving through the air. Watching a Finches free-form flight can fill you with a sense of freedom and happiness.

Native America Indians called the Finch the "bird of happiness." They thought the bright yellow color of this bird was a gift from the gods and would bring bright joy and freedom into their lives. They also thought the song of the Finch was the sound that announced the upcoming bounty of the spring season.

If a person has been concealing his or her creativity from the world, Finch may be the sign to start making their value more vocal and available to the public. The Finch sing can lighten your heart and lead you on a bouncy path of creativity.

Finches are also sociable creatures, so a Finch Totem could be a signal to get more involved with social activities. This is a huge area I need to work on, because I'm more of a solitary person, usually avoiding crowds at all costs.

Here's to a bright and shiny New Year where all our hopes and dreams come true.


Christina said...

Dear Bobbi,

I happened upon your blog when I did a Google search for the meaning of yellow finches. I love, love, love your story - I found it after I'd written to my son about an experience I had on Monday morning (11 Jan)...

After 30 years of working, I have very much been a 'solitary' by choice for the past 7 years; and am just beginning to feel the pull back out into the world along with some feelings of fear and trepidation! I wrote this to my son Pete, because he is designing a card for me ... a 'personal' card I call it, not a 'business' card ... a card that I can hand to someone with my contact info on it, that somehow represents in its colour and imagery and feel ... the essence of ME!

{To set the context,'Cheep' was a baby male cardinal that I rescued in the Spring of 2007. He was starving, frozen cold, had a broken leg and had been pushed out of his nest to die. Not at all unusual, as I later learned, when a parent bird accidentally steps on a leg. Anyway I loved him back to health ... he was the sweetest bird, but unfortunately after an attempt by a kind vet to fix his gammy leg, he died. I was devastated, and not long later came to see Cheep's experience as a gift enabling me to release so much grief from my own childhood/growing up which paralled his own.}

So ... here's my story Bobbi ..

"Hi Pete ... just want to say that the visual for my card ... for "movement" ... that is the essence of me ... that feels good is 'flight' ... flying ... birds ... you know ... that kind of free effortless movement ... in the air ... loving and creating together ...

This morning in my sitting time, on the chair in the far corner of the dining room, there was suddenly a flurry of birds outside the big window I was facing. Then there were two yellow finches sitting on the azalea bush looking in towards me. I thought of little Cheep, and kind of sighed inside ... "Oh Cheepy!", feeling a pang of missing him, sweet bird that he was.

The yellow finches then flew left ... around the corner of the house and landed on the azalea bush outside the window facing Paula's, on my left ... again on branches nearest the house, and looking in directly at me. One was particularly close, and began doing it's little dipping movements as if to take flight.

I thought to myself ... "You're not going to fly into the glass are you? You silly thing!" Well ... it did take off ... and it flew towards the glass ... towards me ... hovered about right outside there for a few moments and then the two flew off. I swear if the window had been open it would have flown right indoors and into my lap!

They were looking at me, they came to visit me ... no doubt about it!!
A lovely sign I think ... that I take to mean that all is well ... for all of us."

So dear Bobbi, can you imagine my delight when I later on Googled the meaning of the Yellow Finch, and found your sweet blogstory ... what a perfect message of encouragement for me ... Thank you so much ... xoxo

KKF said...

Dear Bobbi
I too happened upon your blog after I did a google search as I had a dream of a yellow bird with black wings and on each of his wings there were red hearts. The bird seemed lifeless and yet in my dream I was giving him/her water with a very small vial. The vial happened to be the size that I use for my Massage Therapy Essential Oils. I was wondering for days about this dream and then what do you think appeared in my back yard but a yellow finch. My husband Emerson and I are Christians and follow Jesus Christ and we do believe that this dream of the 'yellow bird' was a message that we will be revived as we seek to revive others with our God given gifts...thus the part I did not tell you that on each of the 'yellow bird's' wings were red hearts...there is healing in His Wings! Thank you for your blog and Blessings to you! In Christ Jesus, Karen