Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Abortion vs. Health Care Reform

I may regret writing this, but I'm just wondering how many people out there are vehemently against abortion, but use condoms, birth control pills or surgical sterilization? Aren't these also "forms" of abortion? If life "begins at conception," then the sperm and the egg must be "alive" in order to spark a new life.

In the past three weeks, I've had dozens of people tell me they are against the proposed health care reform because, "I don't want my tax dollars paying for abortion." (For the record, I DO NOT think tax dollars should be used to pay for abortions.) I realize abortion is a touchy subject and everyone has their own opinions. I also think there is a small percentage of these people who very hypocritical.

Case in point - I personally don't believe in abortion, but I am a strong supporter of pro-choice. And no, I'm sorry, being pro-choice does not make you pro-abortion. Coming from a health care background, I've seen 11 and 12 year olds raped by a family member, I've seen women raped by strangers and I've seen mother's lives on the brink of death because of a pregnancy. I think there are exceptions to every rule. I would not want one of my daughters having an abortion and I would work with her to find an appropriate solution, but if her decision was abortion, I would respect that decision. I may not be happy about the decision, but I would respect the decision.

I have a lot in common with the sensible pro-lifers, but it is the "fringy" pro-lifers I have a problem with. The ones who say abortion is killing, but use birth control, which in essence is also killing a life. The ones who say abortion is killing, but have no sympathy for the 11 year old who was raped by her father. The ones who say abortion is killing, but overlook all the abused children in our country and pretend the orphanages are not overflowing.

Sorry, but this has been on my mind too much lately ...


Simply Heather said...

Yes, everyone and their brother has an opinion and many voice them loudly..and hurtfully :(

I think that if we go way back...way, way back...people might realize that God originally gave us free will (the will to make our own choices) and I'm sure He desires for every choice to lead us to Him, what ever they may be. So many people are mistaken with the should's and should not's in life because of their own opinion's. God forgives us all...oh, most thankfully.

Wouldn't you agree?

You've written this very well and I think that no one should be offended in the way it's presented.

glnroz said...

Ok,,boy am i in the hot spot here, but I agree with you. I also am against abortion. My fault with the proposed health care bill has nothing to do with abortion but it's does government control. This health bill as it is written will devastatelo our current health care. We need reform.. in all areas of our society. We are far from getting it. Ok,, now you can pour the cold water on me,, lol

...... Bobbi said...

Thanks for the support, Heather!

Glnroz, I also agree with you - this country needs health care reform, but politics keep getting in the way. Maybe when you and I are Supreme Rulers of the World, we can change things - LOL!!

Jeanie said...

Good Saturday Morning! There is a blog award awaiting you at The Marmelade Gypsy!

Now, about this post -- Bravo! I couldn't agree with you more. I am continually confounded by the hypocrisy I see on this topic. Well said, my friend.