Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Reading

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about New Year reading ...
With the New Year here already, do you have any reading resolutions or goals (challenges aside) for 2010? Perhaps a new author? Genre? Want to read more non-fiction? Write more reviews?

Although I haven't officially made any New Year reading resolutions, I do have several reading goals in mind.

I want to have my book reviews appear in more publications. I currently have a weekly book review column in The Harrodsburg Herald and an occasional review in Kentucky Monthly magazine, but I would like to do more. I'm making a list of publications that do book review and I'm going to try and find the right fit for my style of writing. Of course, I will continue to have reviews on my book review blogs - Bobbi's Book Nook and Mercer Public Library Reviews - and on online sites such as GoodReads, JacketFlap, Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.

I would also like to do more reading of non-fiction books, in particular, books about my home state of Kentucky. I am working on a book for Arcadia Publishing about Harrodsburg, so I want to read as much information as I can.

I am always looking for new authors, especially Kentucky authors. My state is full of awesome writers and it is a lofty goal to follow in their footsteps. I want to read their works and study their styles.

I don't see myself changing from Young Adult books this year. It is a deep, dark dream of mine to write a Young Adult book series because I enjoy these types of books so much. I am also looking forward to writing stories for my grandchildren.


Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

I just want to pare down my TBR list -- but it won't happen because I keep adding more books!!

Bluestocking said...

I should try submitting to publications. Here is mine

Lisa said...

I am trying to get my reviews published in our local paper this year. Good luck to you in reaching more publications. I really want to tackle my TBR pile this year.

Rebecca said...

I like your goal of getting more of your reviews published - I've never done that myself

caite said...

First, I love that WPA Poster!

Second, your goals are very worthy and well thought out. And I think it is wonderful to want to highlight local state authors more.

Nise' said...

Best of luck on your goals! Love YA too.

Lisa said...

YA is such a good genre these days

Here's mine

Anonymous said...

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