Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fish Out of Water

I feel like a dog without a bone - a fish out of water - Harry without his wand. We've been out of our home for 10 days now and I'm starting to go stir crazy! Don't get me wrong, I love my mom-in-law to death, but her house is just not my house. I feel like we are an imposition, even though she tells us it's fine.

The electricians can yesterday and got all the old wiring and the breaker box ripped out. They are supposed to start on the re-wiring this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed they can finish by Friday because the electrical inspector visits our area on Fridays. With a little luck we may be back at home by the weekend.

Clean-up is coming along very slow - it's hard to clean adequately with no hot water (our home is all electric). One good thing has been my ability to purge items I've been hanging on to for years. I'm looking forward to having a more organized home when we finally move back in.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers - they have helped us get through from difficult days!


Simply Heather said...

Bobbi...yay that you're getting closer to being home again. Yay, that you're able to heave-ho some of that stuff that finds it's way to cluttering up our lives. I pray that the days ahead will enable some comfort and peace all around you :)


Jeanie said...

More hugs, more prayers and while I know its no fun going through stuff, I applaud your doing it. I had a flood a few years ago and once I got my brain around the fact that stuff had to be pitched, ultimately it was freeing. (Of course, the pack rat has built up the collection since then...)