Sunday, August 9, 2009

Butterflies of Love


Why does unfaithfulness
come to ones you've sworn to love?
Does one fall out of love,
or were they never in love at all?
Till death us do part are the sacred words,
but some can't stay true to the vow.
Maybe it was lust and not true love,
or maybe the love of butterflies
beating a tempo inside the chest is the feeling you've come to love?
But when the graceful wings are gone,
so, too, is the love,
or are we really meant for one person,
does God offer contingency
for those who are unsure?
Are soul mates made up by poets
to describe an unending bond,
or are we really destined to mate our cosmic love?
Sometimes the butterflies are truly missed,
beating inside my chest,
but I've found my one true love
and though we didn't start out together,
the hand of fate stepped in
and now we're wedded soul mates
until the blissful end.

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