Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interesting Sights in Wally World


Wally World is the cheap store to buy all types of items,
but the class of people who come here is wide, varied and strange.
Preppies who wear their teeny shorts with assess hanging out.
Large women, like me, who waddle in under the supposed veil of darkness,
only to have the bright lights shows every layer of fat.
Rednecks with no shirts on, or wearing shirts that are so dirty
you wonder when they were last washed.
Well-to-do people who seem to look around,
before finally placing an item in their carts.
Women with "back" boobs;
men who need man bras.
Land yachts and SUVs taking up 2 parking spaces,
just so no one will hit their precious cars.
People with handicapped tags appearing to have no problem jogging across the lot,
or at least moving at an easier pace than me.
Most of the gay population coming at night to avoid the stares and evil words.
Small children left to run across parking lots
while their parents make conversation near the Wal-Mart doors or by their cars.
Watch out cars; be careful of these wayward children.
Parents who allow their children to stand up in the shopping buggies,
where the chance of tipping over is too great.
Parents who allow their children to run wild throughout the store,
or those who attempt to discipline by screaming at the top of their voices.
Is it any wonder I don’t go shopping anymore?
The sign on the truck above says it all,
... We Sell for Satan, Always ...
I prefer waiting in the car and enjoying the menagerie enter the store
watching the antics with a pen and paper in hand.

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