Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Today's One-Minute Writing Prompt: Break
What responsibility would you like to forego (without any negative consequences) for one week?

I don't wanna grow up - I'd like to be free from all responsibility for one week. No work, no bills to pay. No stress, no family decisions to make. No housework, no putting off doing the laundry. No cooking, no washing the damn dishes. No bedtime, no feeling guilty for staying up all night.

I think all of us are kids at heart and would love nothing better than being able to live like a kid again - without a worry in the world. But this is the real world, so I guess I'll suck it up and just be glad I'm alive to enjoy it.

1 comment:

Dan Felstead said...

Bobbi...I am right there with you! Let's skip work today and go play hooky!