Monday, July 20, 2009

Posie Opossum’s First Day of School

I recently had someone ask about the stories I used to write for my children when they were little. I used to write all types of short stories for the girls, but I hadn't thought about them in years. After digging through file after file, I found one series of stories about a character named Posie Opossum - there are probably 7 to 8 stories I've written about this character. It has been so long since I wrote them, the only copies I have are the original type written pages. I'm now in the process of entering these stories into a computer program. Here is the first story I ever wrote about Posie Opossum - it was for my oldest 2 daughters - my 17 year old had not been born yet!

(Photo by Victor Fowler)

Posie Opossum’s First Day of School

Posie Opossum was a cute little five-year-old opossum who lived in the woods with her mother, father and two brothers, Opie and Larry.

Today was Posie’s first day of kindergarten and she was a little scared.

“Come along, Posie. You need to eat your breakfast before I walk you to school,” said her mother.

Opie and Larry were already at the breakfast table. Larry was blowing bubbles in his milk again. Opie was talking with his mouth full.

“Yeah, Posie, you’d better eat. All you get at school is bread and water. Ha! Ha!” laughed Opie.

Mother looked at Opie and scolded, “Now, Opie, don’t tease your sister. She’s scared enough as it is.”

“Kindergarten kids are such babies!” said Larry. “They’re always crying on the playground.”

HONK! HONK! The school bus pulled up in front of the Opossum home.

“Boys, hurry up! The bus is here. Don’t forget your backpacks.” said Mother as she kissed them both on top of the head.

“Yuck, mom, I’m ten years old. I don’t need my mother to kiss me goodbye,” said Larry.

“Yeah, mom, neither do nine year olds,” added Opie.

And with that, both boys ran out the door and hopped up the steps of the big yellow school bus. Because the boys went to a school across town, they had to ride the bus. Posie’s new school was within walking distance of the house, so she would be walking to school.

Posie finished breakfast, and then Mother brushed her long yellow hair and put a pretty red bow in it. Posie was dressed in her new “first day of school” dress.
Mother and Posie then went out the front door and headed for school. As they approached the little brick schoolhouse, Posie’s tummy began to feel funny. She hid behind her mother’s skirt. As they entered the brightly colored kindergarten room, Posie clung even tighter to her mother.

“Hello there. I’m Mrs. Sally Foxx. I’ll be your teacher. Welcome to kindergarten!” Mrs. Foxx was the most beautiful teacher Posie had ever seen, even if she was the only teacher Posie had ever seen. Mrs. Foxx had pretty red hair and dimples in her cheeks when she smiled.

“What’s you name, sweetheart?” she asked.

“Posie,” said Posie.

“Well, hello Posie. Welcome to my class. Why don’t you and your mom come in and look around. Maybe you would like to meet some of the other boys and girls?” Mrs. Foxx lead them into the room.

There was a little boy playing on the keyboard. His name was Harold. There was a little girl playing fireman. Her name was Susie. Wanda was playing dress-up and Matt was finger painting.

Slowly, Posie let go of her mother’s skirt. She picked up a feathered hat and put it on her head.

“Hi, my name is Wanda. What’s yours?” said the little girl playing dress-up.

“My name’s Posie. Can I play with you?” asked Posie.

Posie and Wanda began to play house. Matt soon joined them, and before long, Posie was having a wonderful time. She had forgotten all about being scared.
Posie’s mother was talking with the teacher. Finally, she gave Posie a kiss on the head.

“Mama,” said Posie.

“What dear?”

“I’ll never be too old for you to kiss me. Will you be here to walk me home from school?”

“Yes, dear,” replied Mother. “I’ll be here when the bell rings.”

“I love you, Mama,” said Posie, and she skipped back over to the dress-up area and began to play with her new friends.

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Shryl said...

Bobbi your talents never cease to amaze me! I loved this little storie...I had forgotten about the ones I used to make up for my kids.
You have inspired me to try to remember them!