Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Will Care?

(Photo copyright Construction Knowledge)

Rumbling down
screams of agony and pain
the mountain is falling down.

What of the creatures who
make their home inside the
beautiful Appalachians?

Is more coal more precious
than ruining the
Appalachians Mountains?

Is it worth the raping
and scaring of the land?

Was it legal for the government and the coal companies
to ask home owners
to sell mineral rights,
especially when they
didn't understand their legal rights?

Drinking water contaminated.
Mudslides galore.
Poverty continues to grow.

Top soil is ruined
as evidence by strange
growing vegetables.

The air stinks of smoke, coal
and slug ponds that have
nowhere to go.

Schools in the way of mud
slides, homes that crack from

What happens to these
poor people?
Who will care?

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