Monday, June 14, 2010

"My Little Oak Tree"

Papa Rightmyer (my hubby) and Devon Mikayla - June 13, 2010

"My Little Oak Tree"

My little oak tree is a special little oak tree,
and I carry her close to my heart.
Although she's just a little sprout,
I know one day she will be a tall and mighty oak tree.

A main-stem trunk that is tall and true
with strong, straight branches
outreaching to touch so many souls
of the loved one in her life.

Her roots go deep and are anchored down
with compassion, strength, history, wisdom
and love - lots of love.
Planted well to help her grow into
the fabulous person she will become.

Her special parents, Marie and Mike,
will keep her safe and teach her right from wrong.
They will love and nurture her as only parents can do.
But Nana and PaPa Rightmyer will be right there to spoil her rotten,
right along with her Granddad and Grandma Huffman,
her Granny Roberts, her Grandpa Huntsberger,
her Great PawPaw Sallee, her Great MaMaw Rightmyer
her Great Grandma Henniger;
plus those special aunts – Amber, Christine and Cynthia –
and her big sister, Delilah Rose.
I know you’ll be missed by your Great Nana Sallee and your Aunt Amy,
but they are watching you from heaven and are very proud of you.

Devon you are my first,
but hopefully not the last,
and although you will hold a place
secure inside my heart,
there is room for many more to grow.

My little one,
my special one,
my once little tadpole,
but now you’re my little oak tree true.

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Jeanie said...

Oh, Bobbi, what a treasure of a poem for your "little oak." She will cherish it forever. Beautiful photo.