Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dark Shadows


Just a shadow of my former self,
the ticking clock moves on,
leaving behind a carefree girl
and replacing with a lonely shell.
There are echos of happiness
in the recesses of my mind,
but they are harder to find,
trapped in an ever turning loop
behind the dark shadows of time.
No more ponytails or Indian sandals,
no Chinese jumprope or Red Rover, Red Rover,
no long afternoon walks
or wild motorcycle rides,
the simple life is gone.
When your head-over-heels first time love
throws a hand grenade at your life,
the dark shadows come flowing in.
After the first time, the next are easier,
and long before you know it,
your locked away inside yourself
and each bad turn buries you deeper away
and dark shadows swallow your soul.

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